Our project consists of six workpackages (WPs) in total: three interconnected WPs focused on the dynamics underlying the flows of biodiversity, hydrodynamics, pollution, socio-economics and governance (WP1-3), embedded in a WP for integration by developing the social ecological system (WP4), while all these WPs are the backbone for the WPs on the Resilience Dashboard (WP5) and Education, Consultation & Dissemination (WP6) which in their turn weave throughout all WPs.

All workpackages are seen in relation to resilience to tourism and climate change. Another common focus will be the ecological, social-economic and governance focus on target species that are commercially important for the local communities (giant clams, conch, lobster, sea cucumber, snapper, grouper, sharkfins) as well as ecologically important indicator species (coral, algae).

The aim to use our gained knowledge of interactions and dynamics of the local social-ecological system to identify pathways to build resilience against current threats, such as those related to climate change and tourism.

The six workpackages: