Workpackage 6 – Consultation, Education, Outreach

Our project consists of six workpackages. On this page you can find information about workpackage 6 Consultation, Education, Outreach. In the future you also can find the research here.

Tasks workpackage 6 Consultation, Education, Outreach

  • Develop a joint online MSC course between academic partners integrating knowledge clips of WP1-5
  • Website with key knowledge clips for lay public in English, Indonesian, Papiamento and Dutch for general public
  • Develop citizen science app to monitor reef health and pollution
  • Local training in monitoring skills, e.g. genetic techniques, monitoring, waterquality. Develop education links with SISSTEMS program of Aruba University and Traineeship program of DCNA. Develop scholarship program for Dutch Caribbean MSc students aligned with Traineeship program of DCNA
  • Develop outreach and advocacy strategy

Research and articles workpackage 6 Consultation, Education, Outreach

  • Not yet available