Workpackage 1 – Biophysical flows

Our project consists of six workpackages. On this page you can find information about workpackage 1 Biophysical flows. In the future you also can find the research here.

Tasks workpackage 1 Biophysical flows

  • Map regional and local hydrodynamic flows and bathymetry in Indonesian and Caribbean MPAs and develop hydrodynamic numerical models to identify hotspots for monitoring biophysical & pollution flows (in WP2) using flow monitoring, Multibeam mapping, Hydrodynamic modelling, Tracer simulation.
  • Map biodiversity and distribution of economically and ecologically important indicator-species (input interviews WP3) using genomic techniques, underwater drones, deep learning techniques of photo-analyses.
  • Quantify population connectivity and spill-over of fish between MPAs and surrounding regions (input interviews WP3)
  • Identify indicators of biophysical flows and Reef Health Index for Inter- regional comparisons and for Dashboard (WP5)

Research and articles workpackage 1 Biophysical flows

  • Not yet available