Workpackage 2 – Pollution flows

Our project consists of six workpackages. On this page you can find information about workpackage 1 Pollution flows. In the future you also can find the research here.

Tasks workpackage 2 Pollution flows

  • Map nutrient runoff from islands and ships and quantify regional and local pollution flows through tracer studies with hydrodynamic models13 (targets for monitoring in WP1) using nutrient flow modelling
  • Construct island elevation maps to simulate flows of sediments, nutrients, plastics and solid waste across the land-sea interface and identify their sources and sinks (informed by models from WP1) using aerial imagery analysis, drone surveys, automated catchment detection
  • Assess the impact of sedimentation, nutrients, plastics, and solid waste on coastal coral, seagrass and mangrove ecosystems (biodiversity indicators from WP1, input interviews WP3 and citizen science WP4)
  • Interregional comparison of impacts of different sanitation practices on the resilience of MPAs with a reef health status (Dashboard indicators WP5) T2.5 (commercial party) Develop and implement sanitation solutions and guidelines for local implementation, improving ecosystem and human health (knowledge transfer WP6)

Research and articles workpackage 2 Pollution flows

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