Workpackage 3 – Socio-economic flows and governance

Our project consists of six workpackages. On this page you can find information about workpackage 3 Socio-economic flows and governances. In the future you also can find the research here.

Tasks workpackage 3 Socio-economic flows and governances

  • Map discourses of tourism development and marine conservation using discourse analysis, focus group sessions, and interviews.
  • Assess socio-economic flows in relation to tourism and alternative economic opportunities and evaluation of benefits and external cost distribution.
  • Assess the motivation and steering capacity of variousactors, networks, and their instruments in governing key flows, such as tourism or fishing using behavioral economics and randomized control trials.
  • Identify and test effectiveness and efficiency of strategies and instruments that can govern these flows towards safe levels (leverage points for citizen science WP4) T3.5 (PhD7-8) Identify strategies to make conservation funding and livelihoods more resilient and less dependent on mass tourism (governance toolbox WP5)
  • Assess the window of opportunity for transformation: How can an undesirable state be transformed to a desirable, sustainable state (input WP6)

Research and articles workpackage 3 Socio-economic flows and governances

  • Not yet available