The core team consists of mid-career Assistant & Associate Professors, who form the backbones of Wageningen University and are on a promising path towards full Professorship. Hence, the proposed ideas come from the noisy engine rooms of our university, but they also represent the future of our university. We team up with educators, conservationists, policymakers, and researchers from universities as well as research institutes, NGOs and regional governmental agencies from Indonesia, the Dutch Caribbean and the Netherlands.

The Management Team consists of Dr. Becking as project chair with Dr. Lamers and Dr. van de Leemput as Co-chairs from WUR, Dr. Tapilatu (Papua University), Dr. H. Maduppa (Bogor University), W. Mangile (The Nature Conservancy Indonesia) from Indonesia, and T. Bervoets (Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance), E. Meijts (Aruba University) C. Eckert (STINAPA) as from the Dutch Caribbean; Dr. Vermeulen and Dr. Strokal as Technical manager and Dr. Richter as Dissemination manager.

The Utilization Panel consists of the funding partners and other non-funding stakeholders, such as Prof. O. Karna Radjasa (Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), Indonesian Ministry of Research & Technology), Dr. Augy (Director Research Centre for OceanographyLIPI), Purwanto (Coral Triangle Centre), P. Shyafri (Director Raja Ampat Regency), K. Wulff (director Saba Conservation), Dr. A. de Groene (WWF Coordinator Dutch Caribbean) M. Ammer (Papua Diving), Team of Indonesian and Dutch Caribbean students & alumni of WUR (see full list in Table 2 at end of proposal). The Utilization Panel will advise on all matters concerning societal impact and implementation of the results.
The Advisory Board comprises experts in the fieldō¸°€The Advisory board will advise on scientific progress, integration in WUR and will ensure the best possible scientific results.