Dea Lestari

PhD project title: The Influence of Regional Biological Biodiversity and Connectivity on The Resilience of Marine Protected Areas in Indonesia

Supervisory team: Beginer Subhan (IPB), Lisa Becking (WUR), Erik Horstman (WUR)

PhD project description: My research focuses on understanding the marine biodiversity in relation to the resilience of marine protected areas in Indonesia under different gradients of tourism and anthropogenic activities. I will use environmental DNA metabarcoding as an instrument to measure the biodiversity in different zones of MPAs and to decide what species can be an indicators to quantify reef resilience. Besides,  I will use a biophysical approach to analyse the connectivity between Marine Protected Areas.  

 I completed my bachelor and master in IPB University, Indonesia. Currently, I am working together with IPB’s researchers for Enhancing Marine Biodiversity Research in Indonesia (EMBRIO). I am interested in marine ecology, biology and biodiversity. From 2022 I joined the INREEF program as PhD candidate.